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From Hurricanes to IT Outages: How Mathematics Helps Forecast and Prevent Disasters

Human analysis is no longer a practical approach to the problem of application performance management. So how do you analyze all of the data being collected, from end-user experience metrics to database response times, and ensure the availability and performance of your revenue impacting, customer facing applications like online banking, online trading and global payment processing?

Download the paper now and learn: How Predictive Analytics Forcasts IT outages

  • How proven mathematical approaches can be used to forecast IT service degradations and outages -- hours before end-users are impacted
  • How to automatically detect anomalies that lead to cascading failures
  • Why 8 of the world's 10 largest banks already use predictive analytics software to manage the performance their mission critical applications and virtual infrastructures




“...manual rules-based approaches [are] no longer viable requiring a move to an analytics-based approach that provides a real-time behavioral understanding of how the IT infrastructure is performing and being used.” -- Donna Scott, Gartner vice president and distinguished Gartneranalyst*


* Gartner, February 2011