Predictive Analytics for Application Performance Management - with Gartner Analyst Will Cappelli
Will Cappelli, Gartner Analyst, Jim Hirschauer, IT Exec, Nicola Sanna, President & CEO Netuitive

TEST Webcast Featuring Leading Gartner Analyst

Gartner’s leading analyst for Application Performance Management explains why -- despite large investments in APM and infrastructure monitoring technologies -- enterprises are still not able to proactively prevent outages that impact end users.

Watch this 15 minute webcast and learn:

  • How you can proactively identify issues that cause outages  – and how a global bank avoided a multi-million dollar outage.
  • How to correlate data across your various monitoring silos and provide insight into the health of your critical services.
  • How to eliminate endless bridge calls, quickly isolate root cause and reduce MTTR

If you’ve invested in APM, but are still not able to forecast and prevent outages, hear what Gartner recommends for achieving proactive performance management.





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